Thursday, September 10, 2009

2 years in a row

I ( Autumn Kizerian) am a huge fan of Tip Junkie and for the 2nd year in a row our/ my super Saturday has been featured! I feel like I make the Oprah of blogs when this happens.
To bad I don't get to walk down the red carpet. Oh well, I'm just here peeling away preparing for the big day! Now I'll never sleep.

I know I'm silly but, hey aren't all crafty people.
Check it out. If you are checking us out from Tip Junkie! thanks. If you are interested in supplies/ patterns/ vinyl or more please e mail me at lollipopsandbows or visit one of my blogs at Super Saturday kits or lollipopsand bows . Sorry for the shameless plugs! You know all stars have them. Can't wait for the big day! thanks Tip Junkie readers for reading us!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Souper Saturday Classes

Souper Saturday, September 19th from 9-2:30

Chapel Heights and Sunrise Mountain Wards

Bring your friends

All money is due by September 9th

Please no children

Classes 9:15-10:00 Come learn to make rolls with Julianne McAllister, we'll be eating the delicious rolls for our lunch

10:00- 11:00 Guest Artisan Crystal Martin will teach Turkey Gobble til you wobble sign.

11:00- 12:00 Creative Cooking with our very own Carolee Nelson

12:00-12:30- Have a SOUPER lunch

12:30-2:30 learn how to make an apron. Supply list coming

All other classes will be set up at tables all day.

Click on this link to make sure you see all this years projects. They will be displayed in the Kitchen on Sunday.

Please have your order form and money turned by Sept. 9th, Sister Kizerian will be in the South foyer from 7-8pm on the 9th. Chapel Heights turn your money into Autumn Kizerian, Keela Jackson or Dawna Crouch. Sunrise Mountain turn your money into Jerri Ledford. If you have any questions please call Sis. Kizerian at 702 245-2214 or e mail Kizerian@cox.netMake checks payable to Autumn Kizerian


Halloween or Christmas countdown.
I know you can hardly wait for the next holiday!
Use these lovely blocks to help you keep track of the days. Your kids and grand kids will just love changing the blocks in excitement for the holidays!
Paper will vary !

Cost $9.50 each set

Exploding box

Exploding scrap book box

Create a exploding box to show off all your pictures.
Kits are $5.00- paper will vary
You can bring your own supplies.List will be provided. Please provide your e mail address so I can e mail you a list of supplies

Glass Etching

Glass Etching
Bring your own 9*13 glass pan.

** You may want to pay special attention to the markings on the bottom of the dish you buy!

Etching and name will be provided.
Cost $5.00

Memory Tree

Memory Tree
Make this lovelydowel tree to hang photos of Christmas past.
It will hold up to 12 photos.

Ribbon, paper and clips may vary
Cost $7.50
** I'm planning on using mine to hang our blessnings on for the fall and things we love for Valentines just by changing up the paper and ribbon.


Along came a spider to sit beside ya!
Adorn your home with this lovely spider this holiday season.

This picture just does not do this guy justice. He's the cutest spider you've ever seen!

Cost $4.00

Turkey Sign 10:00- 11:00 featuring local guest artisan

We are pleased to have a local guest artisan Crystal Martin come teach us this lovely Gobble til you wobble turky sign. This class will only be offered from 10:00-11:00.
Make this adorable Gobble till you Wobble Turkey sign w/ Crystal Martin, Local artisan
Cost $7 .00
To see more of Cystal's work check out her blog at

Super Saturday $2.25 and under

Create these lovely gifts for $2.25 and under.
These are perfect for Teachers, Secretaries, Visiting Teaching and neighbors

Christmas in a Pan

Pan w/ decorated lid and story. Ingredients not included
Cost $2.00
You will need purchase cookie mix, microwave popcorn, hot chocolate, cookie cutter

Beaded book Mark
Make beaded bungee book mark.
Bead colors, charms and elastic color will vary.
Cost $1.75

Helping Hand Soap

There are various titles teacher, mother, blank, principal, Grandmother. Soap is included.
Cost $2.25
This item is limited. Those who pay first will get them. Sorry :(

Marble Magnetic

The paper will vary!

Cost $.50 each limit 10 each.
No I haven't lost mine! Yet

Magnet Boards

Magnetic boards
wood w/ metal includes 2 magnets marbles
choose what word you would like from the list below in white vinyl in font shown only
There will be various paint colors available for the board.
Word choices: Memories, Sisters, Brothers, Friends, Notes,
Cost $6.50

LDS themed vinyl projects

Return with Honor
6*24 sign
White or black vinyl.
There will be various paint colors available.
Cost $14.00

Families are Forever vinyl sign.
6*24 sign Families are forever in black vinyl
Name in white vinyl.
There will be various paint colors available for the board.
Cost $16.00

Home is the first Missionary Training Center
8*18 sign
White vinyl.
There will be various paint colors available.
Cost $10.00

Elder or Sister When I have grown a foot or two sign
6* 12 sign
white vinyl.
There will be various paint colors available for the board.
Cost $9.00 for 6*12

I am a child of God vinyl sign.
4. 12 or 4. 14 sign Child of God in black vinyl
Name in white vinyl.
There will be various paint colors available for the board.
Cost $5.00 for 4*12 ( 6 letter names) $6.00 4* 14(more than 6 letter names )

Please note you can paint the wood any color your choose. Each description states the color of the vinyl the project is being offered in.

Wood Blocks

Give Thanks blocks will be simular to these and cost $13.00 Picture coming soon.

Believe blocks
6 blocks of various sizes
white vinyl. **** Candle is not included***
There will be various paint colors available for the board.
Cost $10.00

Harvest blocks
7 blocks of various sizes
creme vinyl.
There will be various paint colors available for the board.
Cost $12.00

Season vinyl SS09

Thanksgiving Board
6" x 12" or 6" x 24"
You will paint the board and apply the vinyl.
You will have a choice of colors to paint the board.
$7.00 or $14.00
This is the Trick or Treat board
6" x 24" for $14.00 or
6" x 12" for $7.00
You will paint it orange and apply the vinyl.

Stacker ChoicesHalloween Boo, Halloween Candy, Thanksgiving and ChristmasYou will be painting the wood, applying the vinyl and gluing the stackers together.

$6.00 per set

This is the choices you have for Halloween stackers.
Colors will be as seen below.

Souper Saturday 2009

The Chapel Heights and Sunrise Mountain ward
Souper Saturday will be Saturday, September 19th from 9-2:30
All money is due by Wednessday, September 9th.
Sister Kizerian will be in the South foyter from 7-8 on Wed. Sept. 9th for anybody who needs to turn in money.