Saturday, April 18, 2009

We need your help.

Is there something your good at that you'd like to share?
We'd love to have more enrichment classes. We're looking for one time or monthly classes.
You can host it at your home or at the church.
Let's get together to have some fun!
Coming soon for the summer. A summer fun group.
What day would you like to meet. Tues, wed or Thursday.
We meet 1-2 times a week to go to the park, Free movies, Free sites on the strip and occasionally low cost trips like Bonnie Springs or Lake Mead. See Autumn Kizerian with any ideas, or comments.

Stake Relief Society Activity

Mountain of the Lord Bathed in Light

Help us celebrate the 20th anniversary of the

Las Vegas Temple

For all Relief Society Sisters

and Young Women

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Temple View Building

(next to the temple)

Lunch will be served

It's time to earn your PHD again. Summer Garaland as well.

I'm all in for killing 2 birds with one stone and with the end of the school year approaching. I have combined 2 of our activities.

Monthly scrapbooking/ craft and PHD. Projects Half Done.

So come one come all on Thursday, May 7th at 7pm it's at Autumn Kizerian's 2301 Black Bush Lane. Call if you need directions 245-2214. Click on the address to see a map.

If you are planning on making the Summer Garland you need to pay by May 3rd!
The cost is $5.50 per garland.
I'll post a better picture later.